They are thirsty for my blood

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The story of jealousy and discrimination against me and my family in Dhadimago

Beginning of persecution

I was born in Dhadimagu, a district in the grand island of Fuvahmulah. The inexplicable beauty and the serenity of this marvelous island seems eluded due to disunity among its people. I am also imperiled by ‘haunting spells’, casted by some wicked hearted people living there.

I remember the unity and love among all of us a decade or so ago. But everything has changed with the introduction of “political party system” into the Maldives, most notably. The rift sent waves of separations among families and the small community.

Campaign activities they cannot digest!


I happened to be an activist of the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) during the introduction of political party system. At the beginning, we used to fill membership forms in the jungle to elude from the opponents who outnumber us. And this sent me to a “bear trap” with some of the leading activists in the district. Initially our ward comprised more than 95 percent supporters of Maumoon. So it was Gujurath or “Israel” for us.

We were discriminated, defamed and threatened for our political view, activities and voicing against injustice. However we didn’t surrender. I worked with great Mandela of Fuvahmulah. His fearless attitude and courage was a hope for us. So we kept on continuing our activities as far as we could go. Consequently we were able to grab around 30 percent of the population within a span of around 10 years. This is a comprehensive victory according to our calculations. So we regard it as a conquest. Therefore things were very hard during all the elections.

First offensive against me

ranuWe were persecuted and subjected to defamation greatly. I noticed this in 2007, but these attempts high-pitched in 2013. After the parliamentary election in 2014, I went to India with one of my close friend –Nimal- to undergo his hip replacement surgery. I personally raised him considerable amount of money, including my cousin who contested in the parliamentary election.

After 8 hours of intensive and life-threatening surgery, he was shifted to a private room. I was the bystander. He was unable to walk for few weeks.The following day, I received a phone call from Fuvahmulah. The person on the far end was a loyal friend of mine. He informed me that there were rumors that I ran away with all the money Nimal had raised for the operation and he was left alone in India.

I was shocked to hear this filthy tale. I explained that the Nimal had undergone surgery and I was beside him. This rumor spread like thunder, breaking walls and doors of houses.

This was a plot orchestrated by my opponents to defame me. This was due to sheer jealousy. Some of them who were behind this plot are now in government offices in Fuvahmulah. People who defamed me had promised my friend to arrange all the financial assistance for the surgery if president Yameen was elected in 2013. But the promise was never fulfilled. So it was their utter animosity to denigrate me.

Second offensive against me

During the parliamentary campaign in 2014, social media was used aggressively, exclusively by us. I was also very active on it, especially facebook. I noticed two photos edited, deliberately distorted to harm the dignity of two respected individuals – a former Chief Justice and a former MP of Fuvahmulah – of our district.

My enemies were so quick to blame it on me and complained to the dignitaries who are also close relatives of mine. We concluded that this could be a plot to create disgust among our relatives and extended family members so that the opponents might get sympathy votes from our relatives in the district.

We didn’t declare that this plot was either carried out by our opponents. We did not even try to find trace it. After the campaign, I was questioned by family members about these photos. And I clarified to one of the dignitary that it was not from our side.

Fortunately he believed what i said and thanked me for visiting them regarding the matter. While explaining the possible scenarios of what happened, my relative also told me that people came to him and said they heard me say that I ‘described him as pope.’ This is the level of some people in my district who try to disintegrate our great family.

Third offensive against me

The enemies didn’t stop their intention of destroying me. I have reliable information from people inside them that the they are defaming me, this time by labeling me as a drug dealer as their previous attempts failed. They fabricated stories and complained to police labeling me whatever they could describe.

I was asserted by my close friends that a police officer mentioned my name in public alleging this crime on me. I lodged this issue to police complaining that police has no legal right to share such information in public, though the information is factual or erroneous. And I asserted that if I am innocent it is a crime against my dignity.

Fortunately the commander in charge of the station met the cop whom I complained. I also lodged this matter to Home Minister and officially complained to Police Integrity Commission. In respond to a letter, I had sent to Home Minister, I was informed by the Minister that actions will be taken against the cop if PIC rules out that the cop was found guilty.

I also filed a case against him, charging for defaming me. Knowing the case was filed, the cop met me and insisted me that he did not defame me. Some of his friends and perhaps relatives also met me and asked me to withdraw the case as it would hinder a course that he was continuing, if he dad to remain in the Island to attend the court hearings.

So I withdrew his case. With no conclusive evidence to destroy me on this ground, my enemies carry this tale wherever they go. I have reliable information from relevant authorities that some police officers who are related to my opposition deliberately commit this gross crime in order to defame or frame me based on this ditty.

Offensive against my family

The underhand plots come from all directions. As I have been labelled as faithful member of MDP, my family and some members of my extended family were also subjected to discrimination and persecution because of their nobility and intellectual capacities. Some people in the district also want to create hatred among our relatives to fight for “political” or “tribal” supremacy. My father is a traditional medicine practitioner. He received an offer from an international organization to develop a botanical garden in Fuvahmula. And he  followed the procedures to get a land area for this garden. Some council members who belong to dhadimagu played a wicked role against it.

This is the civil court verdictHukum_Dhivehi Beys Clinic

Although my grandfather and my father have contributed immensely to the community, the council did not respect them, nor did they regard it as an important proposal for the island and the country. We knew who were behind this subversion. Political belief shall be respected and it should not prevent people from inventiveness and humane work. So the project vanished.

The other attack we encountered was interference to the court case of my father’s clinic that was seized unlawfully by a company, which was formed by the person who was in charge of running  the clinic. The culprit forged my father’s signatures and other forged documents. Dhadimagu council interfered to defend the culprit who was also charged for graft, by sending a letter in favor of him, thinking that the letter could help the culprit.

The intention of the council was to prove the court that my father did not own a clinic after 2008, though there were legal documents testifying  the existence of the clinic since 1987. However, their letter was a “groundless clue.” The letter was issued to the culprit on the same day the culprit had sent a letter to the council. And the letter contradicted to what the lawbreaker was defending in court. And when I called a member of the council who issued the letter, he said the letter was issued in respond to a court request. But when I called him after couple of hours, he gave a different answer. “It was dispatched in respond to a letter submitted by the defendant,” He answered.

The letter was dispatched on the request of the culprit. The reality is that the civil court did not request the council to send any information. It was a letter dispatched for the sake of the culprit. The letter was a “bomb” for the culprit and the council. It portrays wickedness and racism. According to reliable sources from the council, the culprit did not officially sent a letter to the council. He had requested to send a letter verbally, to issue a letter in favor of him.

A “BRO’s” plan – they want to illegally arrest me to damage my reputation! 

handcuffs (2)

From what I have learned and witnessed during the past 10 years, I conclude that it is their scheming minds and underhand plans against me for following reasons.

  1. I used to be a fearless and fanatic supporter of MDP.
  2. I openly express my view on all platforms.
  3. I filed a case against the culprit, who belongs to my opponents side(PPM), who grabbed the ownership of my father’s clinic.
  4. I voice against injustice and wrongdoings.
  5. I am the legal representative for Mandela in the case against Dhadimagu council for breaching a contract they have made with him to carry out cattle business.
  6. Sued two individuals (of PPM) of the district for defaming me.
  7. Fulfilled the dream of an individual to undergo a hip replacement surgery (the opponents promised to fulfill this dream for the patient if President Yameen was elected. But they failed to accomplish it.
  8. Voicing against people who (some council members of Dhadimagu) illegally interfered in my father’s clinic matter.
  9. Some of them suspected me for launching an online newsletter against some individuals in dhadimagu ward who are accused of defaming and “destroying” innocent people in the ward.
  10. I am kindhearted to all, including drug addicts, patients and elderly people.
  11. I sued a police officer (of Fuvahmulah) for damaging my reputation. He also belongs to PPM.
  12. I lodged complains against two cops.

Well, these are apparently the reason behind their wickedness. Palestine face persecution from Israeli soldiers because the land is occupied by Jews. In Gujrat, moslems are persecuted by extremist Hindhus. In dhadimagu, 95 percent was PPM supporters. So just think of what will happen to individuals of other political views.

September 2015 is a month full of spells and hopes for the opponents. I knew an underhand plan to arrest me illegally when I arrive at Fuvahmulah.

The plan is, just to damage my reputation. They also made false allegation that I was behind launching an online newsletter that attacked some people of the district for alleged wrongdoing and deviltry. As all of their previous plots to “destroy” me failed in vain, last year was a hope for them to cast at least something against me – perhaps an arbitrary arrest in collaboration with Fuvahmulah Police for 24 hours on illegal grounds would console their hearts.

Since I sued a cop for defaming me, i noticed the wickedness of some cops working in Fuvahmulah police station. Some of them have mocked at my friends. I have legal evidence about some cops in Fuvahmulah police station conspiring with my opponents to blow me into bits. My opponents were so quick to make false allegations of launching a newsletter on me. They carried the tales to police so that it would be a composure if police could do something against me for the sake of them.

I received reliable information that some employees of government offices (in Fuvahmulah) were behind this underhand plan, sending warning messages to arrest me. Not surprising to note that these employees are behind many plots to damage my reputation and tried to frame me several times over due to their jealousy towards me. Indeed they have been trying to infiltrate the police and jeopardizing the dignity of the institution.

I am wondering why these stooges warned me of an arrest? Police have the right to arrest people based on legal grounds. I am ready to comply with the authorities. If you want to fire grenades and tear gas at people, apply to MNDF or Police. A muezzin (mudhim) also cannot fire these non lethal weapons. “We” will not let the crow population multiply again in our beautiful island. They can frame me. These perpetrators can even arrest me. But it would be a “single” pulse of pleasure. Justice will prevail and storm the evildoers.

I would like to appreciate the swift response from the Home Minister Umar Naseer and the relevant Police personnel in conducting the investigations on my complains about two cops – irrespective of political belief. Allah is my protector; not the areca nut trees.


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