Libeling beyound imagination


Look at the pictures at the top of the article, “butchering” moslem brothers for the “craving” of political supremacy. There are thousands of cartoons and images that cannot be presented in a platform like this.

To gain political advantages in the absence of truth, there is no easier and simpler way than slander and damaging a person’s reputation and character for extinguishing flames of spite and revenge, blazing in the heart of people.

As the envious person always wishes for end of blessings of the envied one, when he cannot achieve his purpose, for compensating it, he tries to damage the envied person’s reputation – and relieves the fire of envy. Slander, and the making of false accusations, are considered to be major sins in Islam. But who cares! We share and enjoy these filth using our partners of or life- the electronic devices.

Our society is “ruined” in many aspects. Corruption, drug problem, injustice- you name all the evil deeds- have engulfed the country. So the pictures above are just nothing. But imagine the damage and social impact of these wrongdoings. We share, re-tweet and write comments hailing these efforts. We cant blame a specific government or individuals for these kinds of acts, too. The whole nation is swallowed up by the fire of these evil deeds. All of us enjoy this.

These offenses have destroyed one of the greatest social capitals which is the spirit of brotherhood, unity and intimacy, and ruins the foundations of good opinion and public confidence which is the first requisite of social cooperation.

It is provoking the fire of sedition and spread of enmity. The resentment has created a rift in the society.  Its impact are enormous and devastating. Its is imperative to find a peaceful solution to this “civil rift” by implementing a national dialogue. We indulge in this joy to gain material benefits; but we loose ourselves in respect of good deeds.


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