A wicked plot against Shattu

shattu.jpgRecent arrest of Shattu, councilor of Dhoodigan ward, by the police in Fuvahmulah is another sign of unprofessional and “wickedly” motivated plan against innocent people.

Police arrested Shattu on a baseless ground; a false allegation of a serious crime that he had never committed in his entire life. According to sources, the underhand plan involved some cops, political people and some other individuals. It was an act against his dignity and reputation for sheer jealousy and to topple him from the political scene.

Shattu is a social leader who is friendly and kind. He has a great future as a social leader, so some plotters decided to destroy his carrier and the future. But with god’s willing, he has escaped from the perpetrators.

He was held in custody for 15 days. But the police couldn’t provide a single evidence against him to keep him in custody for further investigations. This prooves that there is a serious problem in Fuvahmulah police station. But however, it is a good sign that serious complains are being dealt with closely by the relevant authorities, especially by the Home Minister and President Yameen.

“Special thanks” for the arrest of Shattu. It exploded the unethical and underhand plans of some cops in Fuvahmulah. We hope that measures will be taken against those who act beyond the laws and regulations. It is just 60 days since our president declared that corruption and evil forces have penetrated the institution.

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