Fuvahmulah- place of exile for nobles

hilmyFuvahmulah is the only one-island atoll in the Maldivian archipelago, located about 494 km away from Male’. The island is isolated; no land mass is in its vicinity. Powerful waves pound the surrounding island. In early days intellectual and influential people were exiled to Fuvahmulah. Perhaps, the rulers decided that its geographical existence-distance from Male’ and the isolation- could be used as a punishment for political intellectuals.

During the early 20th century, one of the most famous figures who was exiled to Fuvahmulah was Mohamed Didi of Velaanaage who was accused of plotting to topple the government.

While in exile he married five women in the island. They were Aisha Didi of Funaad Ganduvaru (they got two children- Abdul Majeed Mahir and Aminath Mahir), Fathimath Didi of Dhonthakaanubeage (they got Shareefa Mahir or Dhon Didi or Haji Edhuruge) and Fathimath Didi of Ranuaraa Feeshi (they had a son, Ali Mahir, and got a daughter to this marriage but she died at infancy).

Mohamed Didi also married Fathumei Faan of Dhadimaguge and also Amina Manike of Maadhadige. Mohamed Didi’s father – Ahmed Didi- visited Fuvahmulah to see his son. And he also married a woman from Fuvahmula.

prince hassan izudheen

Ahmed Didi married Aishth Didi of Dhonthakaanubeage. They got a boy- Ibrahim Nasir. After taking Aishath Didi to Male’, Ahmed Didi divorced her. While in Male’ Aishath Didi fell ill. And her brother Abdullah Mufeed went to Male’ to take her back to the island. While on their journey, she died on the boat. And she was buried in Gadhoo of Gaaf Dhaal atoll.


Sultan Mohamed Shamsudheen-3 and his son Prince Hassan Izudheen were also exiled. They lived in Dhadimagu ward. People were not allowed to meet them. Catching Kattafulhi fish and flying, raaraa gudi, a huge kite, were the main activities they pursued for pleasure to twist their mind from the punishment of isolation and loneliness. And Izudheen was an expert on flying the big kites. Prince Hassan died in Fuvahmula. He was buried in Hukuri Miski (friday mosque) on  25th September 1940.

Ibrahim Faamdheri Kilegefaanu of Sultan Mohamed Iyaasudheen was also exiled to Fuvahmulah. During the reing of king Mohmed Mizudheen, a couple brought Kilegefaanu to Fuvahmulah when he was about to be executed. There is a great family of this descendant (Kilegafaanu) in Fuvahmulah.zaki

Saamiyaafashaana was also exiled according to some sources. During 1950s, Ibrahim Hilmy was also exiled for assisting Mohamed Ameen. He lived in the same household, located in dhadimagu, where Shamsudheen and Prince Hassan Izudheen had lived.

Former Prime Minister Ahmed Zaki was also exiled in 1975. He was famous in Fuvahmulah. He also lived in dhadimagu ward.


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