Need a solution for garbage problem in Fuvahmulah

garbageOur tropical archipelago attracts more than one million tourists each year, drawn by its natural beauty and marine life. Most visitors to the Maldives only get to see idyllic white sand beaches on beautiful resort islands surrounded by sparkling azure seas. However almost all the scattered islands face a major challenge to process waste.

Our island is one of the most beautiful islands with exceptional natural beauty. However there are serious problems on the island related to waste management and pollution. We lack waste management facilities. It is important to make economically feasible, environmentally sustainable and locally appropriate waste management systems in Fuvahmulah.

I think councils can take initiatives to establish waste management facilities in the island. They can come up with a programme focusing on planning, development, and implementation of a comprehensive waste management plan to help our island in the fight to control the waste and pollution on our island.

We can take the example of Ukulhas located in Alif atoll. Ukulhas is known to be the first ever Systematic Waste Management established inhabited islands in the Maldives. Today people of ukulhas or ukulhas households do not require going out for dump their garbage; instead of that, island council manages household garbage in a systematic manner. For outside trash management, dustbins have been kept in an adequate distance everywhere in the island.

People in the island may not require throw away their litters such as cans, bottle, papers etc. As a result of systematic waste management and dustbin placement over the island, the island and its beaches are clean and tidy. As a result of systematic waste management in the island, Ukulhas is marked as an environmentally role model island among all other inhabited islands of Maldives.


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