Fuvahmulah- a neglected island

IMG_0353Fuvahmulah – ranked the most beautiful island in Maldives. Its natural beauty is an enigma. The island unfolds many secrets and wonders, revealing stunning creations- water lakes, wetlands, marshy taro fields and underwater paradise.

The unique beauty of the Maldivian islands attracts thousands of tourists into  the country. And it is the largest economic industry in the country. But is there any benefit we get from this unparalleled beauty? Our island, although being exclusive in the “chain of pearls” is not benefiting from tourism or guest house business. The island is “hidden” for tourists. There must be a reason behind this.

People who have experienced a dive into the sea of Fuvahmula have declared it as one of the best diving spots in the world. According to tourists who have dived into the fore reef joining the open ocean, it is an a underwater garden. What about the geographical formation of the island. The creations are fabulous and unique. All of these creations are beyond comprehension.

Read this article by Ali Shah- “Nuro dhariaka kire nulibeyne” (I think they have deactivated the website now for unknown reasons)

The unique beauty of Fuvahmulah could be a hope of wealth for the great island. According to experts, businessmen and stakeholders, Fuvahmulah has lot of scope. But we are thrown out. Even, people who have the “remote control” to bring about a change are silent. And the pity is no one is taking the initiative for the sake of the island.

Look at the unity, love and daring characters of Adduans. Their ethical qualities are great and noble. They will not stay like dead ducks, to see rights come into their hands and households. We are not united. We don’t bother about basic services and development. Everything is backward when it comes to Fuvahmulah – sewerage system with drinking water, roads, healthcare and job opportunities.

We always want to say – “vidhaalhuvi gothe.” These dignified people- regardless of districts or the educational qualifications- are selfish. They live in a world of gratification of their own desires. They are lethargic or absorbed in their own material worlds. Ask the people who have served and who have been serving – Atoll chiefs, Councilors, Former Ministers, MPs and government officials who belong to us – about what they did for the sake of the island.

We follow the old rule of “vidhaalhuvi gothe.” It is a rule of slavery. I met many capable and powerful enthusiastic individuals, all of them complained that the government has no plans and policies to facilitate to begin local tourism or for the development of the island.

Lets try the theory of Dr.Hassan Saeed. He had said that rights will not go into you. You have to get it. Although it is not applicable in this context, there is a well known theory that could work- “we should struggle according to the default system in a place.”


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