Failed system or failed councilors!

Wiping out vegetation by councilors
Wiping out funa in dhadimagu

Observe at day time the number of councilors sitting in cafes and restaurants, abusing their official working hours. They sit like failed and redundant members. Perhaps, for them spending hours and hours in the cafes is their legal responsibility. Councilors are vested with responsibilities and powers to work for the development of the islands.

They have a mandate to exercise and they have failed to perform their duties as well. This is a huge and unnecessary expenditure. Maldives is a country of 400,000 people, and most islands exceed a population of few hundreds.

None of these islands generate enough income to support a decentralized administration. The people of this country are ethnically not diverse; we speak the same language; we adhere to the same religion; we share one culture. The nation is poor in resources and human development, and economically weak.

The current systems of councils is a failure. I think we can ‘modify” or come up with a much simpler, less expensive, and more effective system for the country. We have experienced the Councils, it is time to take immediate action against the ineffectiveness of the system. The Councils have proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the system is useless.

The nation is in desperate need to cut down recurrent expenditure of the administration. At a time like this, continuing the Councils seems an almost insane line of action. Councils do not produce, in any aspect, the return of the huge amount of money spent on them as wages.


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