Undemocratic – UN

All human beings are born free and equal in rights. That’s what the UN says. But it’s not what the institution is built to support. After 60 years of failure we should now realize that to build a just and more equal world we have to tear up the UN charter.

The United Nations was constructed as a platform for countries. Governments come to the UN to exercise their power on the international stage. To haggle and barter, to threaten and provoke.

Anyone who has worked at the United Nations will tell you that the spirit from which the institution was born – the idealistic sentiment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – does not exist today.

In a world of unequal power between states, this means the big players – currently the US, China and occasionally Russia – dictate the rules. Everyone else falls into line.

The effect is simple: we have no international body to protect humanity. In a world of increasingly global threats – climate change, migration controls, international conflict and poverty – we’re unprotected.

Take poverty. On every single objective measure of success the UN has failed miserably. Or look at climate change. The world’s scientists tell us that we need to keep global temperatures below a 2 degree rise or face climate feedback loops which will threaten the systems that underpin our survival as a civilization.

The big powers are the same governments responsible for countless acts of oppression in the world. It’s ridiculous and grotesque to think that the rulings and decisions of UN or its organs will be fair. UN is a double standard engine. It’s a machine gun of great powers. It’s a WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) against Islam.

The west and the great powers always claim that they are democratic and the UN is also democratic. They are undemocratic and UN is a threat to world peace. Look at Palestine; look at the Kasmir issue. Witness what has happened to Iraq, Syria and Palestine. These are deliberate destructions carried out with the help of “UN war machine gun.”

Even in the International Criminal Court, the result of decades of work by armies of NGOs, the same power structure is replicated. Why are nearly all the indictees African? Why are neither Bush nor Blair to face trial over the illegal invasion of Iraq? Because even the International Criminal Court is an extension of the same undemocratic UN, replicated in all its deformity into a global court of ‘justice’.

The United Nations is not sacred. When the United Nations was officially founded in 1945, the idea was that the UN would replace the League of Nations, and would do a better job of maintaining international peace and preventing war than its not-so-successful predecessor.

Perhaps the concept was too utopian for a corrupt and greed-ridden world, or perhaps the greed of the UN’s more powerful voices was too great a contender for the spirit of unity, but whatever the reason, it seems appropriate to examine the organization’s tremendous failures, more than six decades after its inception.

It is no secret that the UN is currently run by the key players; the biggest, wealthiest, and hence, most powerful nations are at the forefront of all decisions and initiatives.

The Security Council is, in essence, a contrived illusion. With the only organization set to enforce global justice in the hands of a pathological criminal, the future of international harmony and the hope for worldwide human rights looks grim.

Why is the US defending the Egyptian government or General Sisi. Because he is an “Israeli agent” or an “American Boy.” He is not a threat to Israeli or Mideast. He is convicted for bringing a coup, killing and torturing thousands of people. Where is the UN? Where is the working group in this matter? Where is democracy and human rights? UN has clearly violated Universal Humanitarian laws and is a biased organization.

Conventions have to be respected by all the member states. The great powers and the UN have clearly violated international humanitarian laws and disregarded human integrity. Hence the integrity of the whole organization is lost. It’s a machine owned by crusaders.


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