Secularism is the downfall of MDP

Former President Maumon has also praised MDP’s incredible campaign strategies although he is a “spiritual leader” of a political party. Majority of Maldivians have witnessed great pledges that was fulfilled during the three years of the MDP administration, most notably housing, sanitation systems, Aasandha, allowance for elderly people and transport network.

I do applause these commitments. But there is something perilous about MDP. Maldives is not Turkey. But this 100 percent moslem nation went through bizarre and unacceptable occurrences during the three years of MDP government. I am not hear to list and describe all the secular and strange activities carried out by them.

I happen to work with them from 2009 to 2012. One peculiar thing that i noted was, MDP has forgotten that we are Muslims. MDP has always had a strange and unfriendly policies against our culture and religious principles. The repetition of such actions from them is not surprising. Some of the key leaders in  their leadership obviously wanted to brainwash the Maldivian Muslims.

During the 2013 election, all the Maldivians believed that MDP would win the election. But the stunning record figure of votes was an agony for them. It was one of the best campaigns I have ever seen. But the secular label cast the simple spell, as Nasheed had admitted earlier that the secular tag was the reason behind the demise.

If MDP is for the people of this nation, then they have to change some policies. Don’t think on Turkey’s perspective. Turkey’s islamists also have crushed the secular elite and are governing the great country. This is a population of 400,000 people. It is impossible to implement secular strategies in this country. Different parties or coalitions may govern this nation. We may witness different presidents. However, there isn’t room for secularism in this beautiful nation.


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