The barbaric cops in Fuvahmulah

Kandai kandai dan!

I have been the subject of revulsion from some people in my district (dhadimagu) due to my political belief and involvement in political activities since 2007. The declaration in our district is- difference in political ideology is a crime and exposed as traitors.

According to them, those who believe in this ideology are pagans who try to create disaffection among people. To denigrate people like us, they orchestrate all kinds of wicked plans. So in  this regard, they try to demonize and politicize the Police force to cast spells against those whom they want to destroy. They fabricate tales and carry it to Police. In return, the rogue cops fulfill the desires of the perpetrates by conducting indiscriminate arrests to damage the reputation of the innocent people.

I received reliable information about two officers denigrating me in public for a crime that I have never ever committed in my entire life. According to my findings this was as a result of my opponents who were trying to topple me or “dhuvaalana.”

Baei fuluhunge amaluthakun ithubaaru gelifaa

I exercised the rights of the constitution. It helped me. And the result was fruitful. One of the officers who were faulted for defaming me approached me and asked me to withdraw his case that was filed in the court. I did it for the sake of Allah. And I am not heavy hearted towards him.

I would like to urge some cops in Fuvahmula who are perhaps loyal to my opposition or who think I differ in my political view to act professionally. Brothers and sisters, a professional is a person that others aspire to be. They are a model of what one can accomplish with dedication, hard work, and mental fortitude. You guys have policing principles and standards to obey. You belong to the greatest religion- Islam.

Gentlemen, Police professionals decide and act while balancing competing and conflicting values and interests, frequently with incomplete or inaccurate information, often in highly emotional and dynamic circumstances, and typically under pressure. Police officers are held to a higher standard of behavior by society, because they are stewards of the public trust and are empowered to apply force and remove constitutional privileges when lawfully justified. They take an oath of office, are expected to comply with professional codes of ethics, and are subject to various laws, rules, and regulations.


Gentlemen, the police station and its members must be viewed as fair if the community is going to consider the station a legitimate authority. Fairness is usually defined as the equal treatment of people in similar circumstances. Every individual action—or inaction—by a police professional done to a member of the community defines fairness or justice to that individual and, over time, defines what fairness and justice mean to that community. The more that people perceive the police as acting fairly or justly, the more legitimate the police function and the individual police professional become.

Gentlemen, acting ethically is fundamental to acting fairly. The police derive their duty to uphold the public trust from the social contract. If you have conclusive evidence about an individual, follow the procedures that will help you charge a person for the suspected crime. You guys can’t only judge from one side of the tortoise. The constitution, the laws and regulation clearly gives you powers to charge suspects. Don’t act like “kothovaali” people. Be professional. Don’t act like tale carriers whose habit is chewing Areca nuts and betel leaf, and keeping tobacco (ganesh) between  their lips.

I praise the true professionalism of majority of the police officers. Some of them had reacted to my complaints very professionally. I salute them. I believe that education and further training are needed for some cops.

Brothers and sisters! Look around you. Our nation is paralyzed. Mercenaries (kulee sifain) attempted to annihilate our beloved president. Some of you are also behaving in that manner, people complain. Don’t think of destroying innocent people. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Look what is happening to SO police officers who cut down areca nut trees in Male’. They are brought to justice.


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