Unjust labeling of Hamas

The 60-year old Palestine problem and the Kashmiri conflict have destabilized the regions where these conflicts are prevailing. These unresolved conflicts and the Iraq war is enough to bear out the current “world order”, established by the United States and its allies, is imperialistic and hostile.
The humanity is witnessing the injustice and cruelty of this power balance. And it has bred countless number of freedom fighters, hardliners and as well as extraordinary terrorists. When it comes to the world of resistance, liberation and Jihad, many are confused today. With this world order, the western media is also a powerful weapon upholding this order.
We hear western media describing Palestine resistance groups such as Hamas as Extremist elements waging an illegitimate war against the Jews. And we also take notice of the western media describing the Israeli soldiers as liberators. Since the creation of the Jewish state, Israelis, especially IDF (Israeli Defense Force) had been waging a horrifying war (Ethnic cleansing of the Palestine population, rape, torture, massacre and you name it) against the Palestinians to terrorize them and to expel them from their land.
Even before Hamas emerged as a defiance force against the invaders, a number of Palestine groups had been resisting the Israeli aggression. Despite their struggle against Israelis, some Palestine groups were ideologically divided. Some groups were strongly bound to pro-western Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Other groups spearheaded the cause of countries like Syria and Iran. I would say that this ideological difference became more imminent after the Islamic revolution in Iran, which influenced many causes and movements in the Middle East and elsewhere.
This division became apparent with time. These ideological differences reached a high point after the Desert Storm, the Afghan Wars and the Iraq War and most notably when the Yasser Arafat passed away. The important thing to note here is that, after the state of Israeli was created, Arab or Islamic world became disunited and weak.
The defeat of Arabs at the hands of Jews was a real blow to the Arabs. And this disunity became greater with the fall of Iraq, Afghanistan, nuclear issue of Iran and “war on terror.” With these consequences, close bilateral relations between pro-western Arab countries and western countries developed during the past 50 years.
During this period strategic relations between these countries also grew. One such extraordinary development was the peace deal between Jordan and Israel. It is obvious that with these mutual developments with the west, the Israelis and the western powers strived to influence these resistance movements with the help of their Arab allies.
It was a kind of victory for the Israelis and the west when Arafat departed this life. It was then a triumph again for Israelis when Hamas took arms against Fatah. The clash between Palestine groups is the results of pure ideological differences, influence of the Arab or Moslem countries, and due to the powerlessness of the Arabs in dealing with the Palestine cause.
I would say Western pressure and Western influence on some Arab countries to control the Palestine groups had helped Jewish cause. And this has lead some Arab countries to disregard Israeli aggressions. The end result is Hamas effortlessly labeled as a terrorist organization by the U.S and Israel. Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt blame Hamas for not uniting with Fatah or their Palestine brothers despite continued Israeli aggression in all of the Palestine territories. Now let us examine why these Arab nations blame Hamas and why U.S is branding Hamas as a “Terror network.”Western powers and even Jewish people now believe that a Palestine state must be created.
Conceivably, some Jewish and even some Western powers do not want to create a state of Palestine. But they are actually forced to execute this realism. The Israelis want the “whole share” of this holy land. Israelis want to keep the Palestinians in an “enslaved area” under their control. When Israel or Western powers are pushing for a two state solution or peace, Israel continues aggression and incursions against the Palestine people. We are witnessing torture and atrocities everywhere in this holy land. Israelis are not only continuing atrocities in Gaza, they are waging this terror war in all parts Palestine.
Jewish settlements, harassing Palestinians and Israeli terror fear looms despite the initiated peace process. These are the reasons why Hamas is resisting. It is important to note the number of times the Palestine Authority of Mahmood Abbas has accused different kinds of crimes being committed by Israelis in areas under his rule since the recent Israeli-Palestine peace process began. So it is clear that the Israelis are not even respecting the Palestine Authority, supported by the West.
It is also obvious that even the so called Fatah or moderate Arabs don’t trust the Israelis though they collaborate with them. Abbas is a U.S puppet. He does not want to fire rockets into Israel in retaliation to the Israeli crimes even committed in his house.
He wants wait for Israel or U.S to give him a land, deprived of people of Palestine’s rights, to rule. My point is that Abbas is cooperating with Israelis despite the continued aggressions; not only in Gaza, but even when such activities are continuing in areas under his rule. This is where Moslems become week or corrupt. The whole Moslem world witnessed the fall of Iraq – the cradle of civilization. The Arabs watched it with no concern. Did any Arab or Islamic leader ever tried to stop it?
The illegal war against Iraq has resulted in the death of 1.5 million Iraqis since the fall of Saddam Hussein. But still we are watching the drama. It is not the first time Arabs ignored the cries of their brothers and sisters. Palestinians went through agony and brutal suffering during the early cause of establishing a Zionist entity – but their Arab neighbors payed no heed to them. So do we have to stay with the Americans or Egyptians to sell the Palestine land?
The reason why Hamas is resisting and waging war against Israelis is due to continued Israeli aggression. Hamas is pushing for the rights of more than 4 million refugees and trying to bring an end to Jewish settlements that are illegal even in the peace process. There are two practicalities: either allow more Jewish settlements in the occupied territories and witnessing torture or incursions, and attempt to establish an “enslaved Palestine sate”, or fight to end the Jewish settlements and bestow the full rights of the Palestine refugees and confer other rights that had been deprived of the people of Palestine. So the Arab leaders are aware that they are helpless to implement the second cause.
Perhaps they don’t want to fight for the rights of the people of Palestine. They are lethargic and corrupt or hijacked. Arabs don’t hate the West. They support the West. So even if the West labels our prophet Mohamed (PBUH) as a terrorist, still then the Arabs may perhaps consider to endorse it.

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