Israeli aggression- a threat to world peace

The Israeli aggression against the Palestines in Gaza is uncovering the growing disconnect between Arabs and their leaders. On Arab streets, people are seeking an immediate end to the Israeli aggression, but Arab governments have been unresponsive to react in the face of Israeli or Western world. Public anger is growing in the Mulim world for apparently failing to act.

Whatever factors may complicate the Arab leaderships’ response to Israel’s attack on Gaza, in reality most believe that beyond giving humanitarian aid and pushing for a ceasefire, their hands are effectively tied. Many also believe Arab leaders don’t bother with the Palestine cause.

Arab states repeatedly criticize Israel’s actions, but there is only so much they can do, as Israel is not minded to listen to them, and the US is not minded to listen to them either. Hamas is an Islamic organization and is part of a movement in the whole Muslim world. It is not like Fatah or Yasser Arafat, it is part of the Muslim Brotherhood and these roots are very deep.

Though Hamas is a sunni group, it is immensely influenced by the Shite Iran and Syria. So even the Americans or pro-western Arab leaders ignore or criticize Hamas, there is no way to obliterate them. It is impossible for Israel to root out Hamas, and for Arab moderates to root out Hamas. People are obliged to support Hamas, because they are part of them.

Israel will fail to neutralize Hamas but the aggression could prove to be extremely counterproductive. It could change realities in the Muslim world against Israel and the West. Israeli aggression and western double standards have created waves of movements throughout the Middle East. Opposition groups armed and unarmed are trying to topple some Arab regimes that collaborate with the west.

The current crisis could precipitate the downfall of some Arab leadership, as existing frustration with current governments could spill over into calls for regime change. Egypt is on the edge of a change. Continued incursions in Gaza and the lengthiness of the stalled peace process could topple the current regime of countries like Egypt. People will judge what is happening in Gaza. People will move from a moderate view to more extreme view. Hamas and Hezbollah will be strengthened. And there will be intolerance.

The inhumane acts committed by the Israelis and the images of the attacks on Gaza could prompt attacks in Europe similar to the London and Madrid bombings which were perhaps influenced by what happened during the war in Iraq. The Israeli aggression against Gaza could be a “real turning point.” It would breed radical thinking. It will arm more followers dared to wage war against the west. The world will face more difficult challenges and these consequences could lead the world into a more dangerous position.


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